Ebook Coming April 21st, 2019…

The secret to opening physician-patient communication channels, reducing physician burnout, and achieving real results for patient health outcomes lies in the embrace of technology.

In Prescription Technology, author Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni shows healthcare stakeholders how current and future technology tools can be leveraged to reduce stress for the doctor and increase the patient’s adoption of modified lifestyle behaviours.

What you’ll discover:

*Why current deployment of technology is causing more problems for the physician than it solves, and how to change this issue.

*How remote-monitoring and voice-first technologies will soon play an important role in healthcare.

*Why artificial intelligence is huge game-changer for patient-physician communication.

*How adopting gamification concepts can strengthen the human connection between doctor and patient.

Imagine never again having to suffer through another electronic medical record meltdown or worry about where to find time to update patient charts. In Prescription Technology, explore how technology can solve the dysfunction caused by a system that perversely values economic incentives over patients’ health.

Dr Kondapaneni has written this book for physicians and medical leaders, but technology professionals may also find it useful in learning how physicians regard current cumbersome technology tools, and how the growing impact of technology can benefit patient care.

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