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Empowering Physicians Through Art, Technology and Conversation.


Hi there!  I’m Pranathi.   I’m an author, physician & human explorer.

My writing and ideas focus on restoring human connection back into medicine & combating physician burnout.  After a decade of frustrating medical practice, I embarked on non-medical adventures to find non-traditional answers to these  problems.

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Hi, I’m Pranathi. I’m am an author, physician and explorer-in-chief!



Due to her frustration with clinical medicine, in 2015 Dr. Kondapaneni set out on a series of adventures to help improve communication in the medical office and combat physician burnout. These adventures have varied from comedy routines to classes on artistic visual observation. Pranathi enjoys exploring other disciplines in order to empower physicians to improve communication and combat burnout.

She lives in Michigan but has travelled to many countries, including Australia, India, Chile, and South Africa. She also likes traveling around the United States. She enjoys listening to audiobooks and podcasts, the smell of coffee in the a.m., sipping on a good cup of tea, and soaking up culture through art, architecture, food, or a great movie.

Pranathi’s Books.

The secret to opening physician-patient communication channels, reducing physician burnout, and achieving real results for patient health outcomes lies in the embrace of technology.

In Prescription Technology, author Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni shows healthcare stakeholders how current and future technology tools can be leveraged to reduce stress for the doctor and increase the patient’s adoption of modified lifestyle behaviours.

What you’ll discover:

  • Why current deployment of technology is causing more problems for the physician than it solves, and how to change this issue.
  • How remote-monitoring and voice-first technologies will soon play an important role in healthcare.
  • Why artificial intelligence is huge game-changer for patient-physician communication.
  • How adopting gamification concepts can strengthen the human connection between doctor and patient.

Imagine never again having to suffer through another electronic medical record meltdown or worry about where to find time to update patient charts. In Prescription Technology, explore how technology can solve the dysfunction caused by a system that perversely values economic incentives over patients’ health.

Dr Kondapaneni has written this book for physicians and medical leaders, but technology professionals may also find it useful in learning how physicians regard current cumbersome technology tools, and how the growing impact of technology can benefit patient care.

Are you a physician and wondered why on earth you went to medical school? Are you a loved one who is watching your physician friend or family member suffer? Are you somebody who wonders if there is a solution to physician burnout?

If you answered yes, to any of the questions above, you will find much needed remedies in an unlikely source:  comedy.

In Prescription Comedy, author Dr. Pranathi Kondapaneni takes you on her personal transformation of a burned-out shell of a physician to a healed survivor.  What started out as an exercise in communication by entering a writing competition turned into a three journey through comedic improvisation, stand-up comedy and comedic writing.

What you’ll discover:

  • The array of stressors which lead to physician burnout and the cost on our profession.
  • How tools from the world of comedy can empower physicians through improved communication.
  • Why comedy life lessons can defeat physician burnout.
  • How one physician’s journey through comedy can provide a roadmap for your own personal recovery.

Imagine never having to suffer the pure physical and emotional exhaustion of medicine, taking the time to find compassion for yourself and re-gaining your self-confidence.  In Prescription Comedy, explore how a professional system which devalues physicians can be conquered through comedy.

Dr Kondapaneni has written this book for physicians, loved ones, medical leaders or anyone who has concerns of the state of physician burnout. It is time to regain the power of the physician.

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